Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Tracking it Down... Your Voyeurs, Prospects & Customers, who's visiting?

Where is your web traffic really coming from? Who and how many people are viewing your site? To really find out if being on Facebook, blogging or tweeting is really worth your time and effort, you first need to prove the who, what, where and how by measurement through Analytics.

Don't be intimated by Analytics, it does seem a bit scary at first, but it is as simple as a copy and paste exercise. BTW, Analytics is FREE and don't think you need to hire a programmer or web expert to install it. Whether you want to install analytics on your blog or website, the only thing you do need to know, is how to access the backend or dashboard of your site. After that it is simple as 1-2-3.

Google Analytics
The top source for free analytics. They make it very easy and comprehensive to install your analytics. CLICK HERE for the easy rundown on how to do it. Google analytics gives you the breakdown on where your traffic is coming from and how many people are viewing your site on a daily basis. This way you know for sure if your Facebook/Twitter/Linkedin promotions are really paying off.

Facebook Insights

Believe or not, Facebook too has a FREE tracking analytics tool. Although this tool is only available for Fan pages and Social Ads. Facebook Insights specifically measures user exposure, actions, and behavior relating to your Social Ads and Facebook Page. So if you been thinking about creating a Fan page, go for it!

Only Page admins can view the all the activity data, and it is displayed in the left column of the Page. To view comprehensive Insights, CLICK HERE and "See All" in the left column.

With these tools you can better understand where your traffic is coming from and where to invest more time to in promoting your business.

Look out for the next blog installment where we will be talking about how to drive more traffic to your site through everyday passed up social media websites. Till next time...

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Firing Clients? Come Again?!

You're Fired!

Now who fires clients in a down economy? Does every penny really count? But the true question is how much is your time worth? My business partner and I have this debate on a weekly basis, but the true fact of the matter is your time is EXTREMELY valuable!

So if a client starts eating away at your time (non-billable hours, to be specific) where do you draw the line between maintaining the relationship and ensuring above and beyond customer service or simply letting the client go. Because at the end of the day, they are costing you too much money and the total cost of their job doesn't add up to the amount of extra hours put in.

The Solution to this conundrum according to one of my marketing sources -Part ways from the overbearing client and shift focus to your best clients. By choosing to focus your company's efforts on your best customers, you can improve productivity, enhance service and find reward in additional business.

According to Business Author, Marketing Profs contributor and co-founder of the Value Added Institute- Scott McKain, there are more reasons to consider firing a "bad" customer. Even in a downturn—when many of us count each client as a blessing—some of them might actually be hurting your business.

So, whom do you cut? you may consider severing ties with:

The Bottom & Unprofitable
Customers who drain your resources without making substantial purchases. "Cut loose those who take time from your efforts but aren't delivering in terms of sales," he advises.

The Unprofitable are customers who close deals but take too much staff time, ask for unreasonable concessions and demand expensive expedited delivery. "Remember, the goal for your business isn't volume, it's profit," he notes.

The Obsolete.

"If you have only limited resources, don't spend inordinate time and money on customers from declining industries," he suggests.

Sometimes it's best to just let them go. It might sound counter intuitive, but firing a client or two could make your business more recession-resistant.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

What's Hot in Web Design

The latest design trends for 2010 in Web Design and functionality. Get inspired with these websites. Great ideas and tips to consider for your new or next website.

Big Headlines

I love big headlines, and they are now all the rage! Forget that tiny hard to see copy! Big Headlines attract attention and draw your eye to the message. The right copy and messaging can be very effective in showcasing your new site.


Introducing yourself immediately on your site is a HOT new trend. It really takes the guessing out of what you do, highlights your purpose, capabilities and what you bring to the table. This is a really powerful approach when implemented on your homepage - if your site is Search Engine Optimized- BAM! you will then be immediately picked up on top organic results on Google...

Hello! My name is Michelle and I am a Event Industry Marketing Consultant, strategist and creative branding advocate...

One -page Scrolling Sites

One-page sites are cool in functionality and show off a clean design look along with a touch movement and depth of design. This new form of web programming is called JQUERY and not many programmers have experience with this new technique. Our team does, BTW. Moving horizontally or vertically, scrolling sites give an added element of animation to your website navigation Nowadays, with everyone on Facebook and Twitter all you need is a simple website with your social networks integrated to have an effective web presence.

Danny Blackman

The Great Bearded Reef

Guillaume Pacheco

Incognito Inc

Content Sliders

Now the industry standard in interactive design for 2009- 2010. Very clean, visually dynamic, impactful and attractive way to present your information and images in a limited space.