Monday, January 25, 2010

Good Design is Powerful!

Graphic Design is so important in your marketing mix. But good design is hard to come by. Because the design is typically only as good as the concept and creative direction behind it. So when you have a team of creative minds, that have creative concept as well as the ability to put those visions into action, hold on to that talent and never let them go, as they can be your biggest asset and supporter in elevating your brand to the next level!

Here are some samples of exceptional design, that get my creative juices flowing and inspire me....

Monday, January 18, 2010

I *HEART* NOLA! The Special Event 2010

Truly one of the best experiences I have had! An amazing city, along with an amazing group of Event Professionals from all over the world. I met so many great new friends, colleagues and partners! I look forward to working together and collaborating with many of you! And this year's ISES Event World Baltimore and next year's Special Event Show in Phoenix should be equally amazing! Till then!

Here is a recap on my adventures in the great city of New Orleans..

Sunday, January 10, 2010

1st Day in New Orleans

Woah! Finally here in NOLA! My countdown is complete! The city is so Beautiful, historic and culturally rich!

The infamous Bourbon street, night time action

The French Quarter!

The Riverside

The famous balconies!

The food is amazing! Ranking in the top 3 as far as the places I have been. We had dinner last night at Antoine's to DIE for! The fried oysters with pate' Ahh! Magnificent! This restaurant is voted one of the 1,000 places to see before you die, and has been around since the 1800's how's that for history!

Known for their signature flaming cherries dessert, our ISES International past president- David DeLoach enjoying the presentation, pictured to the right.

More to come!

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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Follow up is the name of the Game!

After every tradeshow, major networking event or industry function what is the MOST IMPORTANT to do item post show?

Follow up... You want to make it easier? Less time consuming and more effective and keep generating more leads for months thereafter? I can tell you how!

In the spirit of The Special Event, I am excited to spread the word in launching an exciting new marketing tool for the Special Event Industry...

A little taste of the promo piece and what this program it is all about, check it out above.. ..

More to be reveal at the Show! I look forward to meeting you!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Countdown to THE BIG EASY... Special Event 2010

Totally excited about the Special Event Show, this year it will be held in New Orleans. First time visitor to the city and I am really looking forward to seeing what all the hub bub is about.

Check out the tradeshow site...

A week of networking and education with industry professionals. This business is all about schmoozing, boozing, building relationships and learning a thing or two along the way through collaboration with peers.

I decided to start a countdown till I leave and keep everyone posted and in on all the exciting updates up until the show and during the show.. I am leaving earlier to attend all the ISES leadership meetings/events, as the show starts Tuesday. There will be some exciting tidbits live via Twitter/ Facebook and recaps each night via the blog. Stay tuned!