Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Evolution of the Marketing Professional

Marketing nowadays is all about what and how much you know about social media and online marketing. Gone are the days of the traditional marketing mix.  Everyday online marketing is changing. Twitter, Facebook and blogging platforms are enhancing their applications making it easier to connect with others, therefore making it easier for everyday people and business professionals to market on their own. Is this now creating no use for marketing managers, agencies, consultants to work with these companies? Is it creating these businesses to try to haphazardly do it on their own and do they really know what their doing?

The other question I would like to put out there is how are we really connecting with people? And are we effectively connecting with people via these online tools? Are all the rants, raves, selfish and selfless promotions are they getting heard? Are they really working?

Bottom Line, the role of us marketers is evolving everyday and evolving very fast! So to stay on top of it we have to be relentless always brushing up on skills, continuing to trial, make our errors, discover our successes and hone in on the right formula that works.

To be continued...